Olivia Kaiser

Exhibition text and photographs from the project “A Thin Skin of Responsibility” in the
the smallest gallery - collaboration space, Graz, 2012

A Thin Skin of Responsibility
The frigate “Méduse” suffered a shipwreck in 1816. As there were too few lifeboats, a raft was built for 149 people out of the masts and planks of the ship. Mutiny, acts of violence, and cannibalism quickly broke out on the raft, so that 13 days later only 15 survivors were rescued.

Géricault’s painting “The Raft of Medusa” is a post-revolutionary painting of the human condition. The true essence of humans reveals itself in extreme situations – they become cannibals, they fight without consideration for anything but their own survival; but only in extreme situations can they make a free decision to remain human or become predators.

In this way this scene is also an allusion to the contemporary situation: financial jugglers and those who place themselves in their trust are not at peace with one another in the frenzy of despair. A modern expression of barbarism, capitalism appears to have human characteristics.

Olivia Kaiser

A project with Julian Palacz

Sprecher ist Bastian Wilplinger, Text aus dem Buch König UBU von Alfred Jarry