Olivia Kaiser

My interest lies in the role of the figure in narrative, which may be only quietly hinted at in its development, emergence, and disappearance. Of course it is mainly the visual which is my inspiration in this process. Besides that, I am also interested in the form of expression of the figure, and the space of its meaning and representation. This is often described in literature that is important to me. The long path of man through modernity is often insightfully depicted in the novels and novellas of the nineteenth century. I am here thinking of those nineteenth-century novels in which the usually young hero, whose soul, according to Georg Lukács, is ‘wider and larger than the destinies that life has to offer’, struts on the boulevards in a condition of ‘transcendental homelessness’ and slides into misfortune.

According to Walter Benjamin, art is the ‘most fruitful medium of reflection’ and so images reveal to me, like in a distorted mirror, the condition of the society in which I live. The leg flees, the figure is oppressed; here some threads converge, as contemporary history is for me marked by flight and exile, and the homelessness of specific people as well as the human in itself. What divides the methods of historical research – then the campaign of fascism, now the flight and oppression of humanity in the present – are connections that stimulate my work. Walter Benjamin writes about memory as a stage on which the past is performed. And so I think that the feeling of being cast out and of exile is the very contingency of modernity, its ‘reflexive consciousness’.

Olivia Kaiser

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